Syrian Aid Forum for Emergency and Reconstruction (SAFER 2016)

SAFER – the Syrian Aid Forum for Emergency and Reconstruction concluded successfully in Beirut, Lebanon. It was held on June 1-2, 2016 at the Movenpick Hotel and was supported by the Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labor, and the United Nations through the UNSCOL office in Beirut and the UN specialized agencies. The Azm and Saade Foundation was the associate sponsor of this event.

SAFER gathered over 400 select participants including government delegations from Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq, United Nations agencies, the European Union (EU) and regional and international non-governmental organizations (INGOs and NGOs). The conference proved to be a landmark meeting which addressed challenges in achieving operational and field requirements in providing for nearly five million Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq.

SAFER is organized by SEGMA, a Dubai-based company, in association with HBC, a Beirut-based public policy consultancy.