The Maritime Security Cooperation Conference (MSCC 2009)


Platinum Sponsor
Constructions Mecaniques De Normandie (CMN) is a privately owned shipyard located in Cherbourg (France) on a 150,000 m² site, 50,000m² of which are covered industrial facilities. CMN designs and builds all types of military and commercial boats up to 110m-long and 4,500-ton of displacement. More than 350 ships have already been delivered. CMN’s products include “Combattante,” high speed naval craft and fast attack missile boats; “Vigilante”, patrol vessels of all types (small coast guard boats up to large offshore patrol vessels), and; “Interceptors,” ultra fast craft dedicated to anti-smuggling and immigration control. CMN (ISO 9001) is the only European FAC builder to offer weapon system integration, and integrated logistic support and training capabilities.

CMN Group is fully experienced in assisting overseas countries in the development of their own shipbuilding/maintenance industries. It can provide individually designed technology transfer packages which use the appropriate elements to exactly meet the needs of specific shipbuilding or ship repair programmes. With the creation in 2000 of a “Yachts Division”, a new chapter of CMN history began. The Group engaged in the conquest of an always expanding market, namely Yachting. The “Bermie” and “Heloval” as well as “Lady Barbaretta” yachts testify this development. In March 2009 a 60-m motor-yacht “Slipstream” has been launched and another unit of same characteristics shall follow one month later.
Gold Sponsors
DCNS, one of Europe’s leading players on the world market for naval defence systems, acts as prime contractor for naval shipbuilding, integration and support by combining its own development, marketing and production capabilities with those of selected partners. To manage the complexity of such projects, the group draws on in-house expertise in naval architecture and systems engineering, ship assembly and integration and equipment design and production, as well as through-life support. The Group’s integrated approach to warship design and services enables it to anticipate emerging customer needs. Similarly, the Group’s forward-looking R& D policy enables it to propose innovative new products combining high-level integration, cost control and interoperability. DCNS’s key strength is its capacity to offer client navies a full range of innovative solutions from integrated warships to mission-critical systems, equipment and services. To deliver services from design concept to decommissioning, DCNS draws on the skills and expertise of some 13 000 employees.

From Gowind corvettes to FREMM multimission frigates and Mistral force projection and command vessels and from the Andrasta coastal defence submarine to the Scorpene family, the DCNS product portofolio meets the entire spectrum of operational needs facing today’s navies. DCNS has the expertise and resources to deliver integrated warships and comprehensive naval solutions (covering warships, training, through-life support and shore facilities) meeting the customer’s precise needs.

MBDA, Europe’s leading guided weapon systems company with a global customer base, has a wealth of technical expertise and an evolving product range ideally suited to meet the open water and coastal area challenges confronting the world’s navies in the 21st century, from advanced air defence to anti-ship and land attack. MBDA is unique in its ability to take on responsibility for both weapon systems architecture and complete integration. It is also a clear industry leader in its comprehensive ability to equip surface combatants ranging from aircraft carriers to fast patrol boats as well as submarines.

Exocet, first launched in 1972, is probably the world’s best known anti-ship missile and one that features in the inventory of many of the world’s navies –its latest variant, the Exocet MM40 Block3, features a range of design improvements that more than double its predecessor’s range. Another anti-ship weapon, Marte, a medium range fire-and-forget system is available in two variants, helicopter and ship launched but in each case using the same missile.

MBDA’s Aster missile range of air defence systems features vertical launch capability to provide a rapid response against a wide range of airborne threats, including saturating attack, SAAM and PAAMS. VL MICA is another key weapon providing point and close area defence. Its compact launch system make it ideal for retrofitting on both large and small vessels. Though designed primarily for the close-in air defence role, MBDA’s Mistral-missile equipped SImbad and Tetral systems have also proved to be highly effective in defending against the proliferating fast in-shore attack craft threat.
Silver Sponsors
Thales, a reliable partner for maritime security in the Gulf region
Thales is a leading international electronics and systems group, addressing Aerospace and Space, Defence and Security markets worldwide. The Group’s civil and military businesses develop in parallel and share a common base of technologies to serve a single objective: the security of people, property and nations. The Group builds its growth on its unique multidomestic strategy based on trusted partnerships with national customers and market players, while leveraging its global expertise to support local technology and industrial development. Thales employs 68,000 people in 50 countries with 2008 revenues of €12.7 billion.

Thales proposes a comprehensive vision of maritime safety and security and is committed to supporting all the players involved in maritime and littoral protection. The company provides numerous capabilities including sensitive site protection and port security, maritime traffic management, littoral surveillance (airborne, surface and underwater), as well as integrated systems to coordinate facilities, administrations and resources. Thales solutions are built around open systems architectures to accommodate legacy systems and guarantee future scalability and development headroom. Thales’s goal is to strengthen its long-term cooperation with the region by carefully analyzing and supporting its remarkable economic development.

EADS Defence and Security,
The world leader of Maritime Safety and Security. A turnkey integrated security system for port, coastal and maritime areas.

With the Integrated MARitime SECurity system, IMARSEC©, EADS has designed a worldwide proven system for safety and security to protect seaports, coastlines, territorial waters and the Economic Exclusive Zone (EEZ). Today EADS DS has connected more than 350 radars in about 35 countries, including Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, which gives to EADS DS a leading position in this field. In 2007, EADS DS was awarded a contract to supply and implement the National Security Shield project for the State of Qatar. The system is a comprehensive surveillance and protection network consisting of several state-of-the-art electronic surveillance stations distributed over the coastline, territorial waters, Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and the land border.

In 2008, EADS DS was awarded a major contract by the Tanger Mediterranean Special Agency (TMSA) of Morocco to provide a fully integrated maritime security system for the brand new port of Tanger Med. The EADS DS offer is completed by the other Divisions' offer providing aerial and space platforms such as Maritime Patrol Aircrafts from Airbus, Search and Rescue Helicopters from Eurocopter and Satellites capabilities from Astrium.