Middle East Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Conference (MEISR 2012)

As regional security threats evolve and increase in sophistication GCC militaries are facing new pressures in the realm of ISR capabilities. ISR capabilities must be able to cater to the information needs of militaries from a continuum ranging from higher level strategic intelligence to tactical level intelligence of the battlefield to sustain operations. In this strategic backdrop, the Second Edition of MEISR – the Middle East Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Conference  took place on February 5, 2012 in Abu Dhabi and had the official support of the UAE Ministry of Defense and The UAE Air Force & Air Defense.

MEISR 2012 tackled core issues associated with ISR head-on by drawing on the latest insights from international and regional authorities. MEISR created an unprecedented forum, enabling knowledge transfer and, accommodated  a regional networking event for military professionals in ISR-related fields.

MEISR was a one day event featuring 10 high-level briefings, several networking sessions supported by a focused exposition from key private sector partners, and two workshops helping to facilitate further in-depth discussion on key ISR subject areas. By engaging peers and colleagues from international allies and from leading private sector partners, MEISR again perfectly created a perfectly focused environment for its participating delegates from the UAE and partner GCC states, U.S., European and Asian allies, and from leading private sector partners.