The Middle East Missile and Air Defense Symposium (MEMAD 2010)

MEMAD in the News

MEMAD accumulated wide regional media coverage, links to some coverage are provided below:

MEMAD - 2010
Gulf News
The National
Al Bayan
Al Ittihad
Al Khaleej

MEMAD - 2008
The National, “GCC urged to boost anti-missile defences,” 16th December, 2008

The National, “Air defence conference gets underway,” 14th Decmber, 2008
Gulf News,“Anti-missile system will help defend UAE from hostile acts,” 14th December, 2008
Gulf News, “Missile shield 'will protect UAE's assets,” 15th December, 2008
Khaleej Times, “UAE Embarks on Sophisticated Anti-missile Programme,” 16th December, 2008