Middle East Special Operations Commanders Conference 2010

Under the Patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II

The Jordanian Special Operations Forces and the Institute for Near East and Gulf Military Analysis, INEGMA, held the Middle East Special Operations Commanders Conference (MESOC) for the fifth consecutive time. The event kick started the Special Operations Forces Exhibition 2010 (SOFEX2010) at Le Royal Hotel in Amman, Jordan on May 10, 2010.

General Mechaal Al Zobun, representing His Majesty King Abdullah II, and HRH Prince Faisal Bin Al Hussein attended MESOC along with political and military leaders, diplomats, and industry representatives. Fifty delegations headed mostly by Defense Ministers and Chiefs of Staff also attended the opening ceremony, among them:

Australia, Poland, Algeria, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Syria, South Korea, Chile, Palestine, Sri Lanka, Greece, Canada, Brunei, France, Belgium, Kuwait, Thailand, United States, Bahrain, Egypt, Switzerland, Sweden, South Africa, Lebanon, Kazakhstan, Rwanda, Uganda, Singapore, Indonesia, Morocco, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Sudan, Gabon, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Austria and Yemen.