Dubai International Air Chiefs Conference (DIAC 2011)


Presentations from DIAC-2011 have been uploaded online. For access to the download links to these presentations, please email us at contact@inegma.com with your Name, Job Title, Company, Telephone and Fax Number, and Email Address and we will proceed to provide you with these. Thank you for your cooperation.

Major General Ibrahim Naser Al Alawi
Deputy Commander, UAE Air Force and Air Defense

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Dalton
Chief of Air Staff, Royal Air Force,United Kingdom

Air Marshal Geoffrey Charles "Geoff" Brown
Chief of Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force

Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleiman
Chief of Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force

Lieutenant General Giuseppe Bernardis
Chief of Staff, Italian Air Force

General Jean-Paul Paloméros
Chief of Staff, French Air Force

Lieutenant Brigadier Gilberto Antonio Saboya Burnier
Commander-General of Air Operations, Brazilian Air Force

Major General Ates Mehmet Irez
Chief of Operations, Turkish Air Force